Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Put Put

Dear Kiddos...
This summer has been flying by hasn't it?! And it's been pretty rainy...which is better than drought...but still has been a bit of a bummer at times. Like last night when we had been at State Farm pool with Grandpa and Grandma for 5 minutes and they made everyone leave because a storm was coming through. But you guys actually responded really well to that change of plans...all things considered. I was proud of you for not completely losing it! :) 

But we've also been making some fun memories this summer! Like when we went miniature golfing! Here are pictures so we can remember the fun and beautiful evening! 

 Bear watching your ball go...

 Little Peanut, you were having a ball!
 Buddy, you did great!
 Doozer, you made the game so much easier by always picking your ball up and putting it in a perfect spot to get it in the hole. :)

Dad and Doozer
 Artsy, showing off your skills
 And then cheering because you're just so fun!
 And Peanut...you woke up and were still as happy as ever
 we had fun looking at each other didn't we?
Hope we make lots more fun memories this summer.


heidi said...

So so fun and darling!

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