Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers' Day

Dear Husband,
Happy Fathers' Day! Today marks 10 years since your first Fathers' Day. I think back to Fathers' Day 10 years ago, and remember how we were in the throws of making funeral arrangements for Mommy. And although much of that is a blur, my memory of you through that time is sharp and clear. I remember when the rest of us all seemed to be in a state of shock and exhaustion, I saw you quietly making important phone calls, meeting needs, organizing things that needed to be done...and I was so proud of you. I remember thinking what a strong protector you were during that time...and how you were going to be a wonderful Daddy. Looking back over these past 10 years, that has proven true in more ways than I had imagined.

I know you get embarrassed by gushy, public announcements of my love and appreciation for you. So, I will try to keep it short. :) I just wanted to tell you some of the things I most appreciate about you as a Dad.

- You pray over them every night
- You play hide 'n seek with that I don't have to :)
- You show them how to plant a to skip to to set a mouse trap :)
- You take the time to stop your busy day to be with them when they need walking down to the creek with Buddy when you could have been working on our home. You seem to know what's more important in the moment...something I often miss
- You are so selfless in helping with the kids...changing more than your share of more baths than I ever have...and not complaining about it.
- You are humble enough to say "I'm sorry" to them when you've messed up.
- You give our kids nicknames
- You create traditions that our kids love and will probably carry on with their kids
- You patiently do the "You Must Pay the Rent" bit over and over because they love it...even when you are kind of sick of it
- Although I could go on some more, I said I'd keep this short. So I will just add one more...I am thankful that you love God first, me second and the kids third. Thank you for keeping it in that order :)

I adore you and I am so thankful for your role as a father in our home. I am privileged to walk this parenting journey with you.

Love you and Happy Fathers' Day.


heidi said...

I love this so much!! It just shows so much of your relationship too!

smw said...

so sweet. :)

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